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Affordable violin and fiddle lessons with FIDDLE and VIOLIN TEACHERS in Fresno, California - Clovis, Kerman, Madera, Yosemite.

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Violin and Fiddle Lessons
Fresno and Clovis

Private or Group Lessons :: Beginner through Intermediate
Classical Violin, Bluegrass, Country, Old Time Fiddle

(559) 473-9193

Violin and Fiddle Lessons in Fresno and Clovis, Ca - Central Valley

$25 per one hour lesson
$20 per 45 minute lesson
$15 per 30 minute lesson
Your First Lesson / Consultation is Free
See price schedule for more details

Violin and Fiddle Lessons Include the Following:

BulletCustom-Tailored Weekly Instruction 30, 45 or 60-minute lessons in our home, or yours (additional fees apply) See locations where I instruct.  I teach the following styles:  Bluegrass, Classical, Folk, Celtic, Country and Alternative.

BulletFree Instructional Material - You will never need to buy sheet music, unless you have a particular piece you wish to play that I do not have.  There are a few books and supplies you will want to get at some point, and we offer those at cost.

The violin is not included, but we are able to offer great deals on rentals, rent to own and sales of quality student violins in stock now!

BulletWe rent Violins and Sell Supplies  - Fiddle and Violin Rentals and sales, supplies and Repair. We have everything you will need right here, right now to get you started.  We rent at cost, and only cover costs for supplies.  We are a musical family who want you to learn and enjoy music at a reasonable and fair price!

BulletPriority Purchases on instruments and music from our inventory, Clovis Music Center, Harvard House, American Music, Patrick's Music.

BulletUse of the Free Music Training Software, including   "First Notes," a personalized program to assist with weekly instruction. Also, I provide assistance with Finale NotePad and PrintMusic,  sheet music notation (sheet music creation) software.

Image - Violin PlayerLearning Atmosphere


Lessons are Goal-Oriented
I work with the students to periodically set obtainable but challenging goals.


The Students learn at their own pace
No student is pushed to do anything beyond their current ability.  Violin lessons should be fun, and provide the student with years of entertainment.


Students are motivated, not threatened
Lessons emphasize a friendly environment.


Students are encouraged to make requests
Many times, a student will hear a song on the radio or TV and think, "Maybe I could play that!" Just ask me, I will help.


Students are encouraged to appreciate many styles of music
Whether it's classical music, bluegrass, country fiddling, rock, folk, new age, or anything else you can think of, the violin is there. Students are encouraged to explore their interests and learn to appreciate many types of music and how the violin contributes to them.


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